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"A surprising, moving, beautifully produced and important podcast. The real life stories, which start in the past, are brought up to date by sensitive interviews and discussions. It's an incredible archive, and this is a beautiful way to bring them to life."

British Podcast Awards 2020 judges

"If you love Making Gay History, I know that you're going to love listening to The Log Books podcast.  A totally engaging window into LGBTQ UK history."

Eric Marcus, producer of Making Gay History


The warmth and humanity of the podcast is inspiring and wonderful

Whatever your background and orientation, it really emphasises how important a sense of community and connection is for us all

I am completely loving this - history can teach us so much and if we listen we can only make the future better for us all
—Jules Frog



Beautifully collated and narrated

Your mascara, should you wear it, may be at risk
—Ruth Goldsmith 

For the first time in my life, my history and the history of generations before me is being told. Thank you, thank you, thank you


An excellent glimpse into Britain’s LGBTQI+ history
—Sammy Sturgess


Incredible piece of storytelling
—Dr Gorgonzola 


Not afraid to shy away from tough issues


Poignant and tender


Must recommend for anybody interested in how LGBT+ issues have evolved

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